Beautiful Drones

by GÆS

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released June 19, 2015

Much love goes out to Toph for recording, mixing and mastering.



all rights reserved


GÆS NRW, Germany

Jerks who grow up with low life punk, now dive into the pleasures of grindcore and powerviolence.

If you consider yourself as a better human being, just by your skincolour, your educational level, your gender, your social status, the nation you live in or by your sexual pleasures, then fuck off m8 and stop listen to our music.

Stop useing the internet.

Stop being an asshole.
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Track Name: Intro/Entering The World of Amaa
Roy Batty: I've… seen things you people wouldn't believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like [chokes up] tears… in… rain. Time… to die.

Born in the gutter.
Raised in the soil.
The prosperity youth gained nothing from hollow schemes.
In the land of grateful ghosts, we´ve grown in disparity/misery.
ho-hum from shit and life, do you fucks think about us as a waste of time.
Track Name: смерть единственнaя радость
I am a Part of this. Please tear me apart from this house with its clean white walls and rotten ground.

Les entfants terrible.

(Their) Gifts let the festering sore grow and grow, rampant like itching fingers, they fill me up with guilt and stones.
Hear the Wish of the ambitient: eatfeetdierepeat by creeping in the womb.
Praising fathers Head. The holy sins. Carry the Torch.

Drab mouldered mouths. Fear their teeth, who eat their Way through Wood, Stone and Walls.

Oh Please don't find me.

But the blood hounds become what they want. War on work War on Education War on Minds. Burn out the womb. Pleasent wars will numb my ghosts.
Track Name: Stigma
This Slow miling machine will not stop.
You Said "your stomach will Bleed and rip from the swallen Stones"(and)"this world feels like a breathing tomb"
Now your words turn to dust while i get lost in transmission.

I feel numb and grim,

cause you were right, altough this won't change anything.

In void, defandets hooked on the mercy of judges with money as their Stigma and their golden scale. Set your Future in a narrow shape. Bending costal ache drill my lungs. Plugged in,

i feel every Bone break
Track Name: Dedicated To Prester John
Only the old song,
the only „revolt“ in town named a party of middleclass kids you don´t wanna know
Only the old gods
This black galaxy never got a chance to shine, with its centered black hole who keeps everything in line.

Let me escape back in stomache

You waited to long at the gates, it´s to late. This Gravity will burry under rusted steal.
Under your own fucking glasshouse. You get lost in your shards.
It´s all wasted and won´t solve a thing, but this planet´s deaf for crys and weakness, so let them feel.

Break their knees.

Johns fucked up mouth, a fount of old songs and hatred doubts
I swear prester john, if my ear reach another word i stomp your head into the ground.
You Get stomped.
Track Name: Holy Shrines//Tainted Hands
Rip me off. Limb by Limb. Bone by bone.
Between mythes and enlightenment fit the beautiful drones.
With your holy books in the left hand, the other keep on the wheel
you willing the chrash.

Socialization is a fucking disease
in an ailing society.

Ruin´s written in stone/Life as one of the Drones/The Beautiful Drones

Save all your prayers, for your holy dog shrines, for the night the conscience crack through the head, through the ice.